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Eighth Street Wineries offers artisan wines you simply won't find anywhere else. As they partner with many of the wineries around Sonoma, they strive to educate and enthuse aficionados and neophytes alike.

As a winery we take direction from the character of Enkidu, looking inward and adhering to beliefs which guide our efforts. We work closely with growers who farm conscientiously and take pride in treating the land and vines with respect. We strive to make handcrafted wines of outstanding character that are the result of passion, art, and intelligence, combined with hard work and dedication to our craft.

Enkidu Wine

Talisman's goal is very simple: the creation of delicious Pinot Noirs that are true to their roots and accurately reflect their places of origin. Each of Talisman's vineyards have been selected for their unique site characteristics and potential to convey distinctive and singular terroirs. Emphasis is placed on achieving perfection in the vineyard and preserving the essence of place and dictating the personality of the wine. 

Talisman Wine

At Ty Caton Vineyards, our commitment to excellence begins in the Caton Vineyard where winemaker Ty Caton sustainably farms the hillside fruit used in his Moon Mountain District wine. As one of the few exclusively estate producers in Sonoma Valley, Ty works with the grapes from soil to glass enabling him to make extraordinary wines that showcase the vineyard. Forging a new definition of quality, Ty Caton is dedicated to Actively Seeking Excellence.

Ty Caton Vineyards

In reviews and competitions, wines are tasted with other wines. What stands out boldly gets attention, and the subtleties are lost. Our winemaker, Jeff Baker, believes wine is food. It should be paired harmoniously, and enjoyed, with food. Our winemaking is informed by classic European traditions. In our Cabernet Sauvignon, we seek deep color, a rich, savory, sweet palate impression, and complex aromas and flavors that marry grape and oak nuances. We make balanced and elegant wines that are delightful to drink young and that gain nuance and softness with age.

Stone Edge Farm

Tin Barn Vineyards – a hidden gem tucked away in a warehouse in rural Sonoma Valley a short distance from the historic Sonoma Plaza – produces award-winning, hand-crafted, single-vineyard wines from some of the finest vineyards in Sonoma County. Our intimate and modern tasting room, adjacent to our cellar, offers guests a relaxed and unpretentious window into our winemaking process. Elegant wines paired with a passionate crew of devoted wine lovers makes Tin Barn Vineyards a truly uncommon find.

Tin Barn Vineyards

MacLaren pursues vineyards in the cooler, fog-blanketed regions of Russian River Valley and Bennett Valley to tease out gentle nuances and layers of complexity. Our wines are meant for the table, to be enjoyed by family and friends. They tend to be lower in alcohol and balanced in acid and tannin structure, while presenting rich fruit-forward characteristics that make them approachable and complement food.

MacLaren Wine

Our family owned and operated winery strives to create high-quality affordable wines known for their balance and concentration, aging possibilities, and especially for their value at the table. While our experience stretches over four decades, the mystery of wine still fascinates. We are driven to produce exceptional wines to be enjoyed now or later--from our family to yours!

William Knuttel Winery

From the outset we have owned and farmed our own vineyards, coopered our own barrels, and vinified our own wines. In 2002 we made our first 98 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon. Encouraged by our heritage wine project Poseidon Vineyard, we are individuals that have always been compelled to discover something new.

Obsidian Wine Co.

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